Nature and Significance of Management MCQs (Quiz Set 1)

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Nature and Significance of Management MCQs (Set 1)

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1) Assertion (A), Coordination is not an exclusive function of the top management.
Reason (R), Coordination is the responsibility of all managers-top, middle and operational levels.

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2) How does a manager want to achieve his objectives?

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3) In order to be successful an organization must change its goal according to the needs of the environment. Which
characteristics of management is highlighted in the statement?

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4) In which level of management coordination is needed?

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5) Foreman will be considered under which level of management?

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6) Assertion(A): Management principles are developed through observation and repeated experimentation.
Reason(R): Outcomes of management principles can be predicted accurately.

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7) Which one of the following sequences of process of management is correct:

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8) Your grandfather has retire from an organization in which he responsible for determination policies. At which level
of management was he working.

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9) Assertion (A), Coordination is an all pervasive function.
Reason(R). Co-ordination is required at all levels of management due to the interdependent nature of activities of various departments.

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10) Management is essential for the organizations which are

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11) The management of Max Ltd. Provided employment opportunities to rural area people. Identify the organisation’s
objective it is trying to achieve.

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12) Operations manager will be considered under which level of management?

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13) Ram works as a production manager in Dev private Limited. He has been given the task of getting 5000 units of handwoven table mats manufactured at the cost of ₹ 100 per unit, within 50 days. In order to be acknowledged as an effective manager, he must ensure that

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14) Identify the nature of management when it is practiced as personal application of existing knowledge to achieve
desired results.

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15) Assertion(A): Management is an exact science.
Reason(R): It is based on human behavior. It is neither precise nor as comprehensive as the pure science like physics or chemistry.

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Hello Students!  We are providing here the Nature and Significance of Management MCQs.

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To prepare for the one mark questions, students need to know all the important concepts which can be tested in the exam.

CBSE MCQs on Class XII Business Studies Nature and Significance of Management MCQs provided by One Mark Solution will help students get acquainted with such important concepts and topics.

So that they may easily attempt the related Multiple Choice Type Questions asked in CBSE XII Accountancy Exam 2021-22.

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