Dissolution of Partnership Firm MCQs

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Dissolution of Partnership Firm MCQs

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Dissolution of Partnership Firm MCQs SET 1

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1) On Dissolution, if a partner pays firm's liability which of the following account is debited?

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2) At the time of dissolution of firm, loan given by partner to the firm is paid out of the amount realised on sale of assets

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3) Amount received from sale of unrecorded asset at the time of dissolution of the firm is credited to

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4) At the time of dissolution of firm, at what stage the balance of Partner's Capital Account are paid?

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5) Which of the following is transferred to Realisation A/c?

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6) Which of the following is not the mode of dissolution of the firm?

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7) At the time of dissolution of partnership firm, Deferred Revenue Expenditure is transferred to

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8) On Dissolution, Goodwill Account is transferred to

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9) At the time of Dissolution, a Partner gives his personal assets to firm's creditor in settlement, the account credited will be

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10) On firm's Dissolution, Patents realised at ₹ 50,000. State which account will be credited.

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Dissolution of a Partnership Firm
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